Installation Checklist

Installation of Compressor Air System:

- If the inlet air temperature increases by 4oC then energy consumption will increase by 1%. Hence cool air will leads to higher efficiency.

- For every pressure drop of 250 mmwc at suction path, the power consumption increases by 2% to equalize the output. Hence it is recommended to place the filter at inlet close as possible.

- If the delivery pressure is reduced by 1 bar then power consumption will also reduce by 6 – 10%.

Installation recommendation to match the ISO standard:

The ISO 8573-1 talks about Air quality in compressed air systems. Following arrangements are recommended to meet the standards of this class.

1. To meet the classes 1.-.3, the coalescing filter is placed after the moisture separator and after-cooler. The coalescing filter is capable of filtering particle down to 1 micron and liquid to 0.5ppm

2. If a general purpose coalescing filter is placed before high efficiency coalescing filter then it would be capable of removing down the liquid particle to 0.01 microns, and meet the requirement of class 1.-.2.

3. To meet the requirement of class 1.4.1 a refrigerant type Air-dryer is installed between general purpose coalescing filter and high efficiency coalescing filter.

4. Adding activation carbon filter after high efficiency coalescing filter capable of removing oil content to 0.003ppm then we can meet classes 1.2.1 which can be claimed as oil free, hydrocarbon content is lesser then normal industrial environment.

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