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Gem Equipments Pvt. Ltd. based in Coimbatore and founded by the technocrat colleagues, Mr. K.P. Manoharan. Mr. G. Ravichandran and Mr. C. Raviselvan way back in 1984, has carved its niche in process cooling and drying. In a little over three decades, Gem has established itself as the largest manufacturer of compressed air dryers in the country, making over 6,000 dryers in a year, a large chunk of which goes to OEMs. These dryers are used in core sectors like petroleum, chemicals, fertilizers, gas processing and co-generation electrical utilities. GEM has an ongoing tie-up with Orion of Japan for manufacturing Desiccant Dryers in India. Gem is also a renowned name in cooling towers and chillers. The first Indian cooling tower company to replace aluminium alloy sprinkler with nylon 66, the first Indian company to develop combo cooling systems to conserve industrial water, and the first South Indian company to develop modular cell FRP cooling towers for higher flow applications and as alternative to RCC towers, Gem has been treading a path of innovations all through these years. Mr. P.K. Balasubbramaniian speaks to Mr. K.P. Manoharan, Managing Director, Gem Equipments to get more insights into his company' s technological innovations, future thrusts and growth strategies in a highly challenging business environment. Excerpts:

8th Annual General Body Meeting


Gems 8th AGM held on 20 th AUG 2015 at hotel Heritage Inn. Board of Directors, Auditors & company secretaries attended the meeting where 2015-15 financials were presented and passed a hoping for a great year ahead.

Fin Fan Cooler For 180MW G


Gem Supplied Closed loop dry cooler for Auxiliary cooling for 180MW Power plant to OPG Power for their plant at Gummidipoondi. The Dry cooler for the 180MW Power Plant was Successfully commissioned
With this, now Gem supplied Closed loop cooling systems for 60MW, 80MW, 150 MW & 180MW power plants
Gem Fin Fan coolers are unique with modular design & capable of running each module independantly. This will also be able to have an ease of maintenance of individual bundles. The modules also avoid the need for a gear box enabling the units to run with direct drive motors, which considerably saves the power as well reduced maintenance

Brine Chiller


Gem Successfully built BRINE CHILLERS of 40TR capacity, which will deliver Water + Ethylene Glycol mixture at -5 Deg C at outlet

Director Mr.C.Raviselvan Daughter's Wedding


We thank all our Stakeholders who joined us in our happiest occasion of our Director Mr.C.Raviselvan daughter's wedding on the 19th & 20th Nov 2014.

ONGC Dheradun Supply Of Remote Radiators For 2000 KVA CAT Diesel Engines


ONGC Dheradun supply of remote radiators for 2000 KVA CAT diesel engines

Gestamp Sangwoo Installation


GEM has successfully installed Battery of Heatless Dryer capacity of 1500 cfm in GESTAMP SANGWOO, Chennai.

GEM Has Successfully Commissioned 80 TR & 40 TR Chiller For The Application 'Induction Heating' In Super Auto Forge, Chennai


GEM has successfully commissioned 80 TR & 40 TR Chiller for the Application 'Induction Heating' in Super Auto Forge, Chennai in July 2014

Best Display Award In Intech 2014


Gem Equipments (P) Ltd stall is honoured with "Best Display Award" in Intech 2014 in Small Scale Industries Category for the Stall Arrangements made, Products displayed, Customer relation-ship during the event. Gem displayed the Next Generation products that are recently developed

  • NexGen Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • Energy Efficient Bottle type Cooling Tower
  • Cross flow type Cooling Tower
Apart, Compressed Air Accessories like Compressed Air Filters, Auto drain valve, Super Pack Series Desiccant Air Dryer

2 Year Warranty (Industry First)


  • Refrigerated air dryer (2KD+ Series & 2KW series)
  • Chillers (Mini Series)
  • Cooling Towers (ECO Series)
  • Desiccant Air Dryer (SPD Series)

With lots of ground work on reliability of the product, 2 Year warranty is unveiled.



DV GAS056-The new type dry cooling tower with vertical direction and inbuilt expansion tank. It is the successful product in the year of 2012.It is used to cool the genset.

Customer Powerica India Ltd
Model Double Vertical GEM Aqua Sever 056 ( DV GAS 056 )
Heat Exchanger Type Aluminum with Copper Tube

Spares Warehouse At Gem


Gem sets up an exclusive warehouse for spares as an initiative to supply spares for the products listed in standard product category in a shorter span. All the spares will be duly packed, QC passed & carries GEM Hologram sticker for its genuinity. Gem maintain a minimum dedicated spares quantity to deliver the spare parts on the same day of commercially clear orders receipt.

Fin Fan Cooler-OPG (80MW)


New Fin Fan cooler for 80MW supplied to OPG Power Ltd-Chennai

Fin Fan Cooler Order


GEM is awarded with the Letter of Indent for "Design, Manufacture & Supply of Fin Fan cooler for 80MW Power Project" by Gita Power and the plant is to be set up at Gummidipoondi With this second order in Fin Fan cooler segment, Gem marches into Power sector steadily.

1st Fin Fan Cooler Order


GEM successfully fetched the FIRST order in Fin Fan Cooler segment. The Company was awarded a 150 Lakh worth order by Cethar Limited for "Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of Fin Fan cooler for 1x60 MW Thermal Power Plant".

"Gem achieved the rare feat with its Indigenous design and beating heavy competition from the existing major players in the Industry"

New Landmark In Ref Dryer Production


Gem achieved a rare feet of assembly & production of 500 numbers of Refrigerated Air Dryers in a month (July 2011) & thus become the First Indian Manufacturer to achieve the Landmark Gem continues to be the largest manufacturer of Refrigerated Air Dryers in India

PED Certification - Module H


Gem is accreditated with Module H certificate (Full Quality Assurance) as per PED 97/23/EC and the audit was conducted on 11/07/2011 by TUV, a notified body for the certification All the processes in the production area viz Brazing, welding etc are approved Notified body as a process of certification



GEM successfully completed CE audit on 10-06-2011 and obtained CE marking for the most successful version of Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers(2KD+Series) and Super pack Heatless Desiccant air dryers (SPD Series). Refrigerated Air Dryers (2KD+ series) ranging from 20 cfm to 1250 cfm is CE marked and thus making GEM as the FIRST Indian Manufacturer to have a CE marked Refrigerated Air Dryer Super Pack Desiccant dryers (SPD Series) ranging from 10 cfm to 100 cfm is CE marked. CE marked version of Refrigerated Air Dryers & Desiccant dryers are available for Indian market also (on request)

Adiabatic Dry Coolers At Maruthi


Gem succesfully executed a project for cooling system (Adiabatic dry coolers) for the Weld Shop, Injection Moulding shop & Press Shop at MARUTHI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED, Manesar worthing around Rs. 2 crores. The order involved Design, Supply, piping, electricals, erection & commissioning of cooling system (Adiabatic dry coolers, circulation pump, spray system, PLC Control panel etc). The order is awarded to Gem based on the performance of the system during the previous order for Maruthi Gurgaon plant


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