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Our manufacturing facility is located at Coimbatore. It is spread across 5 acres of lush greenery with four manufacturing divisions. Our workforce comprises of over 200 employees and professionally qualified engineers and managers who are involved in planning, engineering, procurement, quality control and production functions. All the divisions are managed by consultants and specialists.



Our sophisticated manufacturing unit is equipped with latest machinery and equipment. We use internationally renowned brands wherever possible. Some of the machines equipped at our production unit include lathe machine, welding machine, CNC machine, grinding machine, drilling machine and shaper machine. We also have a punch press machine, bending press, power hacksaw, cutting machines and cranes and rectifiers.



Equipment: We are equipped with welding transformers, welding machines, air compressors, rolling machines, cranes, pallet trolley, cutting machine and tube expander.



Once the product is manufactured, we pay immense emphasis on quality and thus we test the product using various testing machines. Some of them include hydraulic pressure testing pump, tacho meter, vibration testing equipment, Vernier calliper, ring gauge, temperature controller, pressure gauge, flow meter, dew point meter, sound level meter and many more.


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